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   China-based Shenyang Bestlead Technical Import & Export Co., Ltd. is a recognized exporter & manufacturer of rubber machinery, tire molds, speed reducers and machine tools. Now, our customers are mainly from Malaysia, Thailand, India, Italia, Spain, Turkey, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil and Nigeria. We are also the supplier of MICHELIN and PIRELLI.
   Since born, we have been exploring a new way to serve the flouring Chinese machinery and equipment manufacturers. We provide export outsourcing service to enterprises which are not able or willing to deal the foreign trade business by themselves, making them focus on their own kernel operations.
   So far, We have establish outsoucing relationship with more than a dozen of manufacturers. We also have a experienced team in foreign trade, machinery technologies and quality control. So stable supplies, quality guarantee, lower prices as well as flexible ways of doing business can be reached. The particular advantage of my company is that we can supply series, wide variety of products and technical consultation for our foreign clients. We also can design and manufacture non-standard machinery or equipment according to the requirements of the customers.

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